Thursday, 12 May 2016

This time last year? SS'16

T.M.Lewin recently contacted, asking me to produce a series of moodboards for their transitional menswear looks. Initially, I looked at the previous years SS collections, specifically Paris Fashion Week for inspiration. Upon doing so, I spent a few sleepless nights gathering ideas from my favourite magazines, both online and hard copies. 

At one point, I came across a page on Red Milk Magazine that stockpiled the best looks from PFW SS'16. I've decided to share them here, especially the ones that I have personally used as inspiration for my work and individual interest. I hope you see what I see, when I say I want to spend my whole life working in menswear and to end things in the most artistic mainstream manner (I hate being conventional though), here is a the words of Degas, "art is not what you see but what you make others see". 

He was a pretty huge nudist painter during his time. 

All photos sourced from Red Milk Magazine, 2015.