Sunday, 3 May 2015

Why do you?

Three months ago, Harper's Bazaar Singapore released an article called "Why don't you?" by Diane Von Fustenberg. The irony (obviously done on purpose, i'm not that daft okay.) in this is that Diane, who wrote this as an up-to-date spoof to Diana Vreeland's former magazine role - almost shares the same name as Diana. Just a vowel away, when you think about it. Compliments to Harper's Bazaar Sg, that was a very bold move.

I'd like to believe that Vreeland wrote the Harper's Bazaar column for 25 years not just to give eccentric suggestions, but also to question and mostly, ridicule the morals and culture of the typical modern American woman at that time. However, DVF's version wasn't enough for me to represent a modern twist. I think the article was light and playful, which isn't a bad thing but I do feel that there is more to say. More to show, more to highlight and most of all...more to question.

In my response, I've come up with my own, exaggerated version of the iconic column with sarcastic answers. This time addressing a younger generation, under the superficial idea that we are constantly fed by social media as a peer steered society. If Vreeland showcased a fashion decade of materialistic ideals, I want to awaken the opposite. It only makes sense to question "Why do you?" instead because we've grown far from the Vreeland years into a more rebellious, curious generation with the capacity to always have an opinion towards everything Vreeland would've questioned. I'll be throwing in photos from vintage magazines just to fill up this dramatic post visually. The following answers are not direct quotations, so here is an insincere apology in advance if you feel addressed because you weren't, so get over it.

W h y   d o   y o u  . . . 

This is the way boys see you what you do solely because your gender role prompts you to? 

Of course I shouldn't cry, it's an unspoken rule that men don't cry in public. 

Be a Weed

...think conforming to having no fashion sense makes you a unique individual when really that in itself is a fashion statement that doesn't make you any different? 

My 6 year old jeans and Tshirt is all the effort I can muster up every morning.

Twiggy 1

..feel the need to identify with a certain beauty figure to represent your own beauty? 

 What if #strongbrows are the new thigh gaps?

Vanity Fair

...humblebrag on social media as if trying to maintain a modest personality? 

Why do people tell me that I sound like a native English speaker for an Asian, i'm confused!

Prized possession

...depend on your smartphone so much? 
I don't know what my phone number is or anyones' really. Who does anyway?!

 more for cats than a starving nation? Miao!
Pink dress and turquoise shoes

Bonnie Doon
...have more pretty shoes than good memories that don't involve being in bed and binge watching on Netflix
I have F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and a great shoe rack.
ShadesMystrece so many books but still can't see things in a broader light? 

Only on vogue.

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