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Fashion week this season left the crowd with a unique perspective towards fashion and how it's ever changing with our current times. Previously, the world of fashion creatives have always been easily associated with fantasy, recreating fairytales and making perfection look surreal for a few minutes in an editorial or fashion show. That's what made it so appealing to so many, the fact that it could just be a form of escapism. It used to make sense to be involved in a field that creates and fabricates life in the fashion industry.

However, this is no longer the case as fashion obviously wants to evolve into a more meaningful width as seen in so many fashion movements from previous years. Designers and consumers are becoming more and more aware of the importance to address the current concerns of society and global issues in their collections. It's eye-opening once you witness how these people can transform the bleak, realistic doubts we face everyday into delicate aesthetics. The meanings they convey are deeper and way beyond the blue/black/white/gold dress baloney the media is feeding everyone. This was prominently seen in one fashion show I attended two weeks ago in London, Curricular Activities which was sponsored by Adidas.

The event saw the launch of Untitled magazine, the first issue showcasing designers and talented individuals all below the age of 30 who have achieved success in their career. Hence, the name "Untitled" as they are unknown to the mass public. Lookbooks in the issue include a range of designer brands from Raf Simons, Briu Homme and MKI MIYUKI - ZOKU. 

Untitled x Adidas
Untitled Magazine now available at AllotmentStore in Leeds for £11.

Untitled x Adidas
Untitled x Adidas
Untitled x Adidas
Adam Jones SS15

Adam Jones showcased the collection I could familiarise myself most with because it possessed a very northern feel to it. The laser cuts, mix of mesh and leather material as well as a variety of dirty printing really brought out that aspect. The music played, peeked collars and light, wedged pool-sliders displayed the laid back, chilled attitude fashion has up in the northern cities. Although he graduated from Manchester, I can see some of this also reflected in Leeds' grunge architectural shades and the more dark artistic style the north of England differs in comparison to London. Gloomy weather and dirty buildings make great clothes.

"I see the beauty in the ugly, and that was the source of inspiration for my final collection, I wanted to celebrate the mundane. The collection sees the beauty in things others overlook around them on the street, the layers upon layers of peeling paint on old walls, discarded rubbish and stray cats hanging around the bins waiting for pigeons. I call it a wabi-sabi (beauty that is imperfect) view of Great Britain." Adam Jones during Manchester GFW.

Untitled x Adidas
Artwork display by Alex Harrod Edwards

Untitled x Adidas
Untitled x Adidas
Untitled x Adidas
Untitled x Adidas
Untitled x Adidas

Certainly one of the most notable during event was Jonathan Briu of Briu Homme's Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion installation, entitled "Are You Consumed?". First look at this already had me knowing it was a consumer related fashion movement, his point across the collection was very point blank and he was most passionate to express the essence to Consume by Means of Freedom. Different from the likes of Vivienne Westwood's Climate Revolution shirt and Marc Jacobs 2013 nylon totes was that this had a more Andy Warhol pop art approach to consumerism. Favourite public products with imprinted "ingredients" on the shirts and nutritional values stating percentages of social values such as self confidence, vanity and very low creativity. Jonathan made it clear that he wanted a repulsed crowd instead of one who would find it only pretty radiant. In the yellow tshirt is Tamara Amalie Anderson wearing a "I can't believe it's not Cotton!" print.

Untitled x Adidas

Charlotte Bruton's Menswear was a fusion between modern, cut-throat formal menswear and sports functionality, entitled "I have to return some videotapes". Her collection was inspired by novel American Psycho's Patrick Bateman and his Wall Sreet, serial killer edge. The garments revolved around raw fabrics like crinoline and waterproof nylon, giving personality towards silhouette and tailored texture. I'm relatively new to menswear although ever since I started working for a designer menswear store, I've slowly understood the complexity of necklines, structure and material for the male body. Charlotte showcased all these factors entirely wholesome that taking a good still shot was less important because I just wanted to witness the whole collection in harmony. Not to mention the song playing (Jai Paul - BTSTU) pretty much summed up the concept.

Untitled x Adidas
asos vest; newlook shoes; H&M shell structure skirt and white button down

All photos taken by myself during the event, except for the OOTD shot. My outfit photos were taken by Tatjana Apukhtina, who recently launched a fashion app called "Looks Good On Me". It's basically like snapchat but for outfits providing better feedback on your OOTD (check it out, guys). I'll post my review on this app in a later post.


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