Friday, 29 March 2013

March Haul

As the month passes by, so does the weight within my wallet. Sometimes I don't even see it coming. It's like a disappearing act my money plays on me.

However, unlike the usual magician, my money returns in a different form. In a form of compensation in order to satisfy the empty (and guilty) feeling in my stomach and wallet. Most of the time, it's in the form of lunch. Other times, it's these :



Brown boots from Far East Plaza $15 (it was on sale and the last pair)


Eccentric Structures in Architecture by Joseph Lim $16

A book featuring the structural design ideas behind twisted towers, a pyramid, shadow gallery and chain frame? Okay, so maybe I saw this one coming.

 faux fur leopard mini backpack from Cathay $25

I'm not a huge fan of leopard prints but after re watching Clueless, I kind of admired how Cher Horowitz carried around her faux fur backpack. I also needed a new school bag because apparently carrying around a mini longchamp does not accommodate the needs of an A'level student. Plus it's cute and cheap, pretty easy to give in.

donut from H&M $2.90

AND THIS. I know it doesn't look like much right now. However, this donut soon transformed my hair into this :


This hair style has been floating around youtube with different names ; japanese bun, sock bun, donut bun, i stole your mama and hid it in my bun bun

They're really simple to do and if you can't find a donut, there are plenty youtube DIY vidoes on how to do it with rolled up black socks. However, I find the donut more stable and less heavy compared to socks. I bought mines from H&M kids because the ones in the adult section were way too big and might make me look comparable to a teletubby.

Lastly, this is a dress given from my friend Wiwie out of a random (and extremely generous) decision. I still have no idea why she gave me this. I mean it's laced, it's got a leather collar and cuffs. I didn't know whether to be confused or to go home, find a way to create unicorns, come back to school and hand one over to her. The latter sounds like a more logical response.

forever 21 lace black dress

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AfinaSkater said...

love your dress and hairs!
I followed you, hope you follow me back!

Sabs Hernandez-Dy Liacco said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog earlier and leaving me that sweet comment :) I am your newest follower on GFC and BlogLovin! Hope you can come by again and maybe follow too :) Can't wait to read more posts from you! HUGS!


winda octavia said...

cute things..dear =)
so girly and sweet !
you have a cool march haul too!

thanks for coming by & dropping some sweet compliments on mine ^^
hope we can be friend ..

Maria said...

Man, that's a good price for those cute boots! That backpack is cool too. This makes me want to start like, collecting backpacks, I don't know why hahaa. If your money is going to disappear, these seem like good items to take its place :)

SomeoneLikeYou said...

I seem to find that my wallet grows lighter and lighter as the month goes on, too. Hmmm, how does this happen to us?

Your hair looks superb in that sock bun. So jealous!

P.S. the fact that you have four for you glen coco in your 'leave a comment' up there ^^^ makes me love you to pieces ♥

dk said...

thank you honey!
the forever 21 dress is AWESOME!


alice tombesi said...

I really like your leopard bag, you should not use it to go to school is too cute :)

C. Pepe said...

Lovely hair :) C, xoxo.

Jessie said...

I love that Forever21 dress! And, I wish I could use the donut in my hair. For some reason though, I'm all thumbs. Maybe if I could hire someone to show up at my house everyday and put it up into a bun with it... ;)

Cute boots!

tiara said...

I'm in love with your shoes~!! OMG yes please >w< and for only $15 ;A; if I were there I'd have a tug war with you mwuahahahah... (good thing I wasn't there lol)

and that donut~! When I first saw it I was like... wut??? o.o but then you explained what it was for, hahahaha for a second I really thought it was a donut xD

I'm loving the dress too~!!! Very pretty~! Kyaaaaah >w<

Signe Savant said...

I wondered if the donut really worked! I've seen commercials! I'm jealous of your hair! Still waiting for a pixie cut to grow out of mine (after 2 years!). I came across your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit me at : the daily savant : and (if you like) follow with GFC and Blog Lovin'! I also have a giveaway on now!

: signe